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T-Bone and Razor....lovers? 
01:30am 24/07/2006
mood: cheerful
Am I the only one who senses a homoerotic vibe between T-Bone and Razor from the Swat Katz? At the very least I think T-Bone has some unrequited thing going on for Razor, since T-Bone never seems to have any interest in any female characters. Actually, a better question would be if anyone remembers Swat Katz.

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11:11pm 22/11/2004
  what happened to this madness?  

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Law and Order: SVU 
07:13pm 14/08/2004
  Everytime I watch SVU I love Christopher Meloni and Mariska Hargitay's chemistry. I always wanted them to hook up, because it's obvious they are sort of crushing on eachother. Even though Christopher's character has a wife and daughter. They would be totally hott together. I think they could sort of be the next Scully and Mulder..... but not quite AS hott.  

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Donkey and Fiona? 
02:07pm 12/08/2004
  Alright guys, this just came to me in a dream last night... but have you ever thought about like Princess Fiona and Donkey... from Shrek??

Ok, I mean there are so many times in Shrek and Shrek 2 where Fiona is all nice to Donkey, as if there was something more between them. Especially in the second one after....

Shrek 2 Spoilers AheadCollapse )

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02:04pm 12/08/2004
  Hello all, my name is Rachel, co-founder of Psytics.  Kit and I have created this community to embrace all pairings, however outlandish or strange.  Even if you feel like you're the only person suggesting the pairing, trust us--you're not alone.  If you think we're odd, sickos, or odd sickos, well, you're probably right.  And you've come to the right place.

So, feel free to post anything to do with a relationship you've got in your mind.  It could be your Aunt Judy and Eleanor Roosevelt.  It could be Robin Williams's character in "Jumanji" and Mrs. Doubtfire.  (woah!)  It could be Che Guevara and Beatrix Potter.  Anything your twisted little mind desires.  If your post is going to be NC-17, please put some sort of disclaimer on your post, or put it behind a cut.  Same with pictures/fan-art, if it's like a big giant picture of boobs or something.  And that is all we ask.

Have a lovely stay!

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My Fantasy Pairing 
01:28pm 12/08/2004
mood: romantic
Hope this is on-topic for this community, I assumed from the previous post that cross-fandom pairings are OK.

I don't think I can be the only person who's ever wanted to see Chun Li and Chewbacca get together. The fetishistic appeal of them slowly undressing each other, Chewie growling softly as he lets down Chun Li's hair before almost bowing in front of her so she can gently remove his bandolier over his head. I just love the idea of the two of them together, him completely naked holding her tight to keep her safe, as she luxuriates in his soft fur, her hands exploring his body, teasing each of his six nipples in turn.

If anyone knows where I can find it, I would love to see any fanfic or fanart on this theme :)

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Princess Leia and Special Agent Dana Scully 
02:58am 12/08/2004
  I could totally see them together!! I mean they are both incredibly hott.... and well... THINK ABOUT IT!! *cheap 80s porn music plays*  

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